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The CG Feather Handbag

The CG Feather Handbag

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  • The CG Feather Handbag

    Exuding timeless elegance and unparalleled versatility, the CG Feather bag seamlessly transitions from daytime refinement to evening allure with effortless grace. Crafted to perfection, its opulent chain strap, adorned with two sumptuous leather shoulder pads, gracefully cascades through four exquisite eyelets, offering an array of captivating styles: whether draped across the body, elegantly slung as a long shoulder piece, or nestled as a chic short shoulder bag.

    Unveiling its inner sanctum, the CG Feather bag reveals a spacious compartment thoughtfully designed to cradle your essentials – from your cherished phone to your indispensable keys – in sheer opulence. A delightful interplay of texture and movement is brought to life by the enchanting presence of ostrich feathers, lending a playful yet sophisticated touch to this epitome of refinement.

    The CG Feather handbag stands as a testament to the illustrious heritage of the Le Roux Family, whose legacy of ostrich feather farming has been cherished across generations in the verdant expanse of the Klein Karoo since the late 19th century. In an era where ostrich feathers commanded a value nearly equivalent to that of the illustrious diamond, this handbag pays homage to the bygone days of opulence and refinement. The ostrich feather, an emblem of delicate grandeur, has long been revered as the quintessential symbol of luxurious extravagance, gracing the arms of aristocrats, captivating international luminaries, and adorning the regal presence of Royalty for centuries.

    The name CG originates from Oudtshoorn, the ostrich capital of the world.


    • 22cm L x 15cm H x 9cm W
    • 105cm (Single chain length)
    • 60cm (Double chain length)


    • Internal pocket
    • Lined with genuine leather
    • Italian made gilt hardware
    • Made from genuine ostrich leather
    • Made from genuine ostrich feathers