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Your luxurious Le Roux Leather journey starts now.

Le Roux Leather’s lineage, rich heritage, and unique craftsmanship have shaped us into a fine and durable brand made to last – exactly like the luxuriously natural grain of fine leather.

Our family bonds are weaved into our product-heritage, and we thrive in the history that’s entwined into every fibre of who we are. Delight in the authentic Ostrich, Bovine and Oryx hide products that will accompany you, for many years exactly like a true family.

All Le Roux Leather goods are forged with strength, passion, and durability as a standard. Perfection and attention to detail is in our DNA.

The rich Le Roux family history of quality and authenticity, coupled with creativity and innovation is alive and vibrant today. The journey of our lineage started three hundred and thirty years ago in France, when our ancestors set out on a history-shaping adventure. Still today, we’re on a quest to continue to flourish and to craft world-class products that honour the artisanal and agricultural roots that are weaved into the Le Roux family name.

Like fine leather, our family bonds have remained strong and time has only made us better, as we continue creating and exploring on an exciting journey that we love to share with everyone.

I’m proud to have built the business through hard work, dedication and passion. Manufacturing is outsourced to 2 local factories situated in Cape Town. By supporting these factories I help other hard working entrepreneurs live out their passion.

Standout with our outstanding ostrich leather

Our stunning ostrich leather is supplied by proud local farmers who belong to the Cape Karoo International Cooperation in Oudtshoorn. All the leather produced goes through stringent quality control and every leather hide used is bought from an ISO 9001 and 14001:2000 certified facility. Our products are 95% locally sourced, with us only importing zips and some metal finishes that we cannot source locally.

Le Roux Leather and international fashion houses like Gucci and Hermès are some of the brands that support the members of Cape Karoo International keeping us in good company.

The Le Roux range

Le Roux Leather’s journey started all the way back in 2004 when our family opened our first shop in Stellenbosch where we created and sold our own range of ostrich leather handbags and shoes. The Le Roux family has been a massive support on every step of this adventure.

Our line of products have evolved to include men’s & female products with a strong focus on corporate travel accessories. The range is kept niche to ensure quality standards are met and that we can keep up with demand, ensuring the best products and personalised service.

The making of Le Roux products

Le Roux Leather treasures the vast family knowledge that’s been passed down for centuries, underpinned by a fundamental love of design to infuse a rich South African heritage into each and every product we create. We strive to showcase fine, natural Ostrich, Bovine and Oryx leather products that are uniquely crafted and made locally. Meticulous attention to detail combined with the use of luxurious locally sourced hide, guarantees that all our products carry our stamp of premium sophistication and elegance with only the highest quality finishes. Owner-managed, with international design and manufacture standards, Le Roux Leather products promise unparalleled quality, elegant yet functional design and an authentic leather experience using premium locally sourced hides.

The Journey

The Valley of the Loire is known as the Garden of France

“I’ve been on a quest to create from a young age and have always found a way to make and sell products. Through my family’s support, I’ve been able to continue to create and combine my passion for travel and  making useful products. That’s where Le Roux Leather came into existence, allowing me to create beautiful travel accessories.”

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Giving Back.

Le Roux Leather products are proudly sourced locally, assisting in uplifting entire communities, which include the Commercial Ostrich Farmers in Oudtshoorn and De Rust regions. Many farmers and farm workers rely on our business, and we’re committed to continue to support the industry.